22 novembre 2011

Lot : Ninomaru Palace

This is a house I've created for a challenge hold on Livingsims forum called "Build from the Blueprint", I was a lot inspired by Edo architecture period in Japan.
It's a 30x45 lot and requires expansions packs : World Adventures - Late Night - Pets, game patched 1.26.




IMPORTANT - Please read carefully :

If you want the lot to look exactly like in pictures I suggest you to download every cc I listed below.
You can grab the free packages cc in the rar file with the lot, but I won't give you pay items in packages (mostly TSR stuff), so you'll have to get them by yourself - or if you have them already that's just fine - but if you don't, well I can't tell you how this house will look without them...
If you find any errors, please tell me - it has been a long time since I shared a lot.

 Free CC Included in RAR file :


I think I used only two patterns and I think they'll be included in the lot file :

One horizontal wood pattern used everywhere by Ung999 

Wood lattice, used on roofs sides, by Ung999

CC NOT Included but Required to look like in pictures :
(Everything inside the house : decoration objects, except the tatamis, are not required and not listed because I'm lazy ! but you can always ask me where to find them )

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  1. Gorgeous house! I'm happy that you decided to share it. :)

    Congrats on your new blog.Looks great.