30 juin 2012

Pattern : Macoco

Well it's been a while since i did an abstract pattern.
It's again inspired by a Quadrille's one with the same name, but I modified it a little bit. lol

Download it @ TSR

EDIT : Well I'm sorry the link could't work as the submission got deleted in the power outage XP
I re-uploaded it today so it'll be published tomorrow !

29 juin 2012

Paintings : Streets on Canvas

Today I bring you some more canvas !
This time it's about romantic streets by night or paths in parcs; some couples or single women walking around...

Original Mesh :  Canvas by Awesims.
Art Credit : Leonid Afremov 

( Both files type. )

09 juin 2012

Patterns : Concrete

Do you want more goodies !?

Today I bring you some concrete patterns I created while decorating rooms for the Livingsims contest.

08 juin 2012

Paintings : Cities on Canvas

Ahh Cities...
The lights, sounds, inspiring monuments, tourists, shopping ... and stress, muck and pollution ! lol

Original Mesh :  Canvas by Awesims.
Art Credit : Leonid Afremov 

( Both files type. )

Contest : Round 3 in Industrial style

"Suite" for the Livingsims contest.
The Round 3 was to decorate in Industrial style with turquoise color with required items and taking count of the given sim traits.
Here's some of the pics I took for this.
I created some paintings for this round that I'll share pretty soon !