08 décembre 2011

Lot : Hong Kong Penthouse (3/4 Furnished with CC)

Hello !

Today I upload this lot, this is a penthouse makeover of a Bridgeport EA apartment building done for a challenge hold on Livingsims forum : "Bad Rooms 3.0". I was a lot inspired by a Hong Kong apartment and Zveki's style. It requires : Late Night, game patched 1.26 ! I've only decorated the first floor of the loft, that's why I say 3/4 furnished, not half-furnished, because I used a lot of CC. *giggles*

Anyway let's start with a house tour :

Floorplan of the first floor : 
(I don't show the second floor cause I just changed the windows and wallpapers but didn't change significantly the EA deco.)

Outdoor views of the terrace :

More previews : HERE !

CC Required :
  • Free CC :
All the free CC can be downloaded below in the lot file, of course check if you have cc already installed in your game to avoid conflicts and duplicates. The custom content is categorized into Build, Buy and Patterns folders, in packages form and only few sim3packs for counters and patterns. I've also included Granthes' OMSP in any case.

I think I've almost tracked all the patterns used, listed in the rar file, but if you find some errors comment here.
I know I can't find the exact pattern I used on the floor terrace, I know Ritsuka made it, but can't tell which one it is ... you can find it in the Giant Panda Lot.

  • CC NOT Included, Pay items (Long list) :

Notes :
. If you want the lot to look exactly like in pictures I suggest you to download every cc, even pay items listed above, if you don't have them already. Of course if you don't want to get them, this lot won't look like in pictures, but who cares :p
. You can grab the free cc in the rar file below with the lot, but I won't share pay items - sorry :p -.
. If you find any errors, bugs in the lot, please comment here.

5 commentaires:

  1. Has this been play-tested? Because just going by memory, I don't think Sims will sit on a sofa if it's underneath the stairs. I think it will cause route failure.

    But I only mention that because a lot of people build lots for looks (especially if it's a challenge like that, I think) without thinking about functionality in-game. And as far as looks go, this is incredibly stunning. And some people that download may not even care about the route failure, I don't know.

    Unfortunately I'm not willing to download that much CC to play-test myself, so I can't tell you for sure whether it WILL cause route failure or not. XD; If it does though, you might just be able to switch the couch and the TV? I *THINK* they'd still watch a TV under the stairs... But you never know, Sims are notorious for throwing hissy fits when there's even a pixel in their way. XD;

    Aaand if it DOESN'T cause route failure, than ignore this entire comment and keep being amazing, rofl.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Yes of course I tested it before ;)
    The sofas underneath the stairs are working for SIMS only (pets are picky about the pillows and don't like to sit near them lol), and they can even watch TV, but of course it's not really aesthetic as the head of sims sitting at right can merge in the stairs, but who cares they don't complain ! lol

    I've only seen a bug with the stove, sims can't use the oven, but that is easily replacable with another stove. ;)
    If someone find other bugs, please explain which ones here.

    I'm also aware that a lot of people don't like to have to download a ton of CC, I'll try in future to restrain my cc spree and upload low cc lots ! :-) (sorry !)

  3. OK~I'm Hong Kong resident ~and I think that is too high class penthouse~:)
    I love yr design so much ~:))))

  4. Hi
    Wonderful apartment. Great design! I tried to download the apartment, but I had a few issues and not all the cc showed up in my game. I'm sure its because I'm on a mac - I have numerous issues! I was particularly interested in how you created the fire on the table outdoors. Is that cc or have you used something around the game firepit to create that effect? Would you mind sharing your technique for that because I love it and would like to include it in the build I'm working on. Many thanks - I love your blog and your creations :D.

    1. Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your problem about cc, do you have all the cc installed even those I listed ? Otherwise it might be why they don't show up ; the problem is they don't get packed with the lot as I've only packages.

      About the firepit, I combined three elements :
      - the platform tool in Late night expansion
      - the Kanto table used 2 or 3 times with "moveobjects on", made by Angela at TSR the link is the first one in the list.
      - and about the fireplace I don't remember if it's a CC or not ^^; but you can use any similar one