14 août 2012

Paintings : Abstract (3 meshes)

As well as the Music paintings made previously I'm uploading new paintings in Abstract style this time.

We always need abstract paintings and canvas when decorating modern spaces.

8 Canvas variations : 

9 Framed Mounted :

9 Framed Unmounted :

Original Mesh :  Canvas and Paintings meshes by our fabulous Sarah at Awesims. ♥
Object credit : Zveki, Awesims, Simcredible...
Art Credit : Several artists found on DA and internet, I don't remember their names ^^;

My game is patched at 1.33.

( Both files type included in the rar. )

( Both files type included in the rar. )

( Both files type included in the rar. )

4 commentaires:

  1. I really love these paintings, and they'd be absolutely perfect in modern homes. However your upload for the canvas paintings seems to be broken and won't open. The other two (Framed mounted, and framed unmounted) opened perfectly.

    I'd really love to have the canvas paintings in my game, but I don't know if the issue is the file or my computer as the other two work perfectly.

    1. Did you try to download it again ? I tried myself and don't have any problems and it has been downloaded already several times.
      Sometimes files get broken when downloaded... :/

  2. I recently used one of these in a house I made, it's not as nice as your houses but I wanted you to see it anyway :D http://afterdusksims.blogspot.com/2012/08/musicians-house.html