01 février 2012

Paintings : Aquasixio's Art - EXCLUSIVE

Do you know an artist called Aquasixio ?
No ?! 
I hope you're kidding me ! o_O
-- if you don't well ... you're forgiven --

He is a young talented french artist known on Deviantart.com and CG world to paint surreal and fantasy subjects in a detailed and colourful way .... Then the magic happens and moves your soul...
Are you curious to know why ?

Then Click here to look at his gallery !

Maybe you know I'm also an artist on Deviantart.com too, I primarly work with vectors though, something rather different by technic.
I admire so much Aquasixio's art that I asked him last month if I could use his artworks for The Sims 3.
He approved and that's why today is our Sims lucky day ! *excited*

I selected 14 of his artworks and included them on two meshes, called floater canvas (the canvas is floating in the frame) created by Baufive, in horizontal and vertical positions.

Now your Sims can admire his work on their walls and imagine...

...they can shot the Moon...

or maybe they could eat it ?...

... it's safer to stay on Earth though, so let them float on oceans...

...to search for the S.O.S. bottles' origin...

...But they might blow bubbles...

 and in the end they'll melt.

What a surreal story you might say ! lol :-)

So here is the entire collection.
Enjoy it and don't forget to pay Aquasixio a visit !

8 Horizontal Paintings :

6 Vertical Paintings :

Original Mesh : Horizontal and Vertical Floater Frames by B5Studio.
(With 3 recolorable channels : 2 for the frame, 1 for the side of the canvas.)
Art Credit : Aquasixio 

( Both files type. )

( Both files type. )

1 commentaire:

  1. These paintings are great! Thank you!
    BTW, I was curious where that furniture is from?