23 avril 2012

Contest : Round 1 in Eclectic style

At Livingsims forum there's a contest going on, I missed the deadline for the first round so I entered in the Just for Fun contest (no deadline and no prizes like a regular challenge).
The Round 1 was to decorate in Eclectic style with orange color with required items and taking count of the given sim personnality.
Here's some of the best pics I took for this.
Have a sunny day !

4 commentaires:

  1. Woww, it's beautiful!! Too bad you aren't competing :\ Can you tell where i can find the wood pattern on the bedroom's wall? thankss

    1. Thanks ! ;) Yeah too much busy to enter the contest ... :(

      About your Wcif : It's a wallpaper set (think it's from Late Night) then I used two different patterns, can't remember from where I got them, maybe one is by Awesims but can't be sure ! :/

    2. hmm, okk! Thank you so much, by the way, great idea huh? kisses ;)

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